Meet Justine 

Justine’s passion for exceptional brands has been fostered by varied local and international professional marketing experiences. Captivated by great ads, she gradually made moves to the agency world where she sharpened her copywriting skills and learned how to move a great idea from a screen to a billboard - and beyond. Certified in Digital Marketing by the Canadian Marketing Association and a graduate of the University of Alberta, Justine combines her knack for writing great copy with a passion for design. Her strategic planning, digital marketing and creative development skills ensured she was well positioned for her most recent role as an Independent Project Manager, where she built expert teams and worked alongside businesses large and small - executing full scale rebranding projects and providing hands-on support along the way.



 Joanna’s expertise lies in connecting all the dots of a marketing project and managing it from initial concept to completion - ensuring all objectives, budgets and timelines are met. Joanna brings creative direction, brand strategy, production, project planning, vendor negotiation and quality control skills to the table to ensure a perfect balance between budget and needs. Joanna developed her passion for creating and managing brands while taking on large scale projects and accounts in her role at a boutique creative agency. She pairs her extensive experience with a Communications E-Publishing Degree from Mount Royal University, as well as earning The CAAP designation (Communications and Advertising Accredited Professional).